Power-On (60 Capsule)


Power-On (60 Capsule)

Power-On is a 100% Natural made up of Certified Organic Herbals

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Product Description

Composition: Each 400mg capsules contains

“Musli Safed” (Chlorophytum Borivllanum) [125 mg]

  • It is a rare herbal medicine which is a curative of physical illness & weakness, it helps in curing impotency as they are rich in glycosides, increases testosterone & body immunity.

“Musli Krishna” (Curculing Orchioides Gaetn) [75 mg]

  • The conqueror of mountains & destroyer of weakness, it helps accelerate process of protein and nucleic acid metabolism, stimulates energy. Its unique antioxidant property helps in wear and tear of muscles, removes stress and obesity.

“Ashwagandha” (Withania Somnifera) [100 mg].

  • The best known adaptogen for stress nourishes the nerves to help in maintain calm during mental stress. A powerful antioxidant to increase health, longevity and stamina.

“Gokhru” (Tribulus Terrestris) [100 mg]

  • Extremely efficacious in most of the urinary tract disorder.

30 Caps. Bottle, 60 Caps. Bottle


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