Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Some Facts

  • Known by the name of “Danda Karanya” during the Ramayana era, Bastar is situated in the south of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh state in India. Bastar, the land of tribals and magic herbs, is popular for it’s dense forests spread over more than 31 thousand square kilometers of land having a plethora of flora and fauna.
  • More than 4000 species of herbs are  found in the jungles of Bastar amongst which some are endangered species and some are very rare herbs having medicinal values.
  • Due to indiscriminate exploitation of these herbs and felling of the forests these rare plants are getting extinct from the forests of Bastar.
  • Since the climate and soil is suitable for growth of variety of herbal plants which grow in the jungles of Bastar in natural conditions, an endeavour has been made by Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farms to cultivate the herbs having high medicinal values and which are required for production of rare Ayurvedic preparations on a large scale on 8 Farms spread over more than 350 acres.
  • These farms are having the latest farming equipments and irrigation systems
  • On the basis of extensive research market surveys and suitability to the climatic and soil conditions of Bastar we have identified 12 high value herbals for commercial cultivation. These herbals have huge demand in the domestic and international market.
  • Although the medicinal plants have got very high medicinal and commercial potential,commercial cultivation of medicinal plants has not been done on large scale and no serious effort has been made in this field by the Govt. and the corporate houses